Newsletter 2018

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Does your Enduring Power of Attorney do what you think it does?


In recent months it has become increasingly more apparent that a huge percentage of people holding Enduring Powers of Attorney are unaware of their limitations.


The most common and prominent oversight is with regards to whether or not an Enduring Power of Attorney allows an attorney to make decisions with regards to the donors Health and Welfare. The short answer is that no it does not.


The newer Lasting Powers of Attorney were implemented in two halves, one covering financial affairs just like the original Enduring Powers of Attorney along with some additional changes in law. The other half is totally new and covers Health and Welfare decisions, this is everything from decisions with regards to housing or care homes, to potential decisions at the end of life.


With this modular type system it means that you can leave your Enduring Power of Attorney in place and just take out a Lasting Power of Attorney for health and welfare rather than redoing the entire set. This can save both costs and time.


We will guide you through the difficult process so that your Lasting Power of Attorney for Health & Welfare is 100% watertight and legal.


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